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Wallypop Babywearing Accessories

Drool Catchers for ANY carrier
Tula Slipcover
Pouch for any SSC Tula Topper Carry Case for any SSC


Suck Pads/Drool Catchers/Teething Pads

Suck Pads Protect Your Baby Carrier Wallypop makes awesome babywearing accesories
Who doesn't love our suck pads?

Babywearing is a great way to keep your baby close and comforted. Not only do babies love the closeness, but they also love to chew on the straps! Protect the investment you made in your baby carrier by covering the straps with these adorable chew/drool/suck pads!

These chew pads are made with cotton fabric, with either a coordinating print on the back (making them reversible), or a coordinating solid. There is a hidden inner layer of absorbent cotton sherpa. The pads close with three coordinating snaps. We make both rectangular as well as curved corner pads that cover a bit of the top corner of your carrier. Some of the pads have ribbons or loops of fabric on the bottom.

These pads are CPSIA-compliant.

Chew pads measure 7.5 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide. When snapped, they are approx. 3.75 inches wide. They should fit snugly on most brands of structured carriers and many mei tais, but if you need different dimensions (or prefer different fabric), we're happy to make you a set custom-order.

Snaps are NOT for chewing. Please keep snaps away from baby's mouth.

I keep quite a few pairs in stock, but the vast majority of suck pads I make are custom made. I have fabrics to match and/or coordinate most Tulas, and many Kinderpacks and other brands of carriers (click here for our fabric inventory). Interested in a pair of custom pads? Click here. (The cost is just a few dollars more than in stock pads.)

These suck pads are in stock and ready to ship:


In Stock Wallypop Suck Pads: $15



Tula Baby Carrier Hoods

Wallypop Hoodie Hoods for Tula Adorable hoods to coordinate with your Tula
Wallypop Tula Accessories

Tula is the brand name of a soft structured carrier - you can check them out here. If you happen to own one, you know that the hoods they come with are functional, but kind of boring. Well, we are here to solve that problem! We make hoods that match current and past Tula prints, hoods that coordinate with Tula prints, and hoods that have nothing to do with Tula prints but are just plain fun!

Each hood is two layers and snaps onto your Tula just like the original hood. They are made with elastic just like the original Tula hood. If desired, we can add a second set of snaps to your hood to make it completely reversible.

The hoods are sized similarly to the original hood, but if you prefer different dimensions, different fabric, or a hoodie, pixie, or animal (with ears) hood, we're happy to make you something custom. Click here. (Custom hoods cost just a few dollars more than in stock hoods.) (click here for our fabric inventory)

The vast majority of our hoods are listed for sale at Etsy. These hoods are available through Wallypop:


In Stock Wallypop Tula Hoods: $19.50 flat / $24.50 hoodie / +$10 if bundled with suck pads

Add a second set of snaps to make hood fully reversible ($5) (Not appropriate for all hoods - we will advise if you purchase this option with a hood that is not reversible.)



Tula Baby Carrier Slipcovers

Wallypop Tula Slipcovers Cover your Tula for Variety
Cover your Tula for fun

Can't decide between your favorite Tula prints? Did you really want one print, but it sold out before you had a chance to buy it? Here's your answer - just put a slipcover on it!

Or, do you love your Tula but wish you could change it up a little? Want to dress up your Tula for a special occasion? Want to show off your personal sense of style? Want a Mickey Mouse cover for a vacation to DisneyWorld or a Dora print to carry around your Dora fanatic?

Our slipcovers are fully reversible - so it's like two covers for the price of one. The snaps that hold the sides together are hidden, so they don't detract from the overall design. The cover fits snugly with darts, not elastic, for a sleek and sophisticated look.

You have a few options for a hood. With our standard slipcover, you do lose access to the snaps to which the hood attaches. We can add buttonholes to provide access to the snaps if you want to use your original hood (since the cover is reversible, buttonholes will be added on both sides of the cover, and will be visible from the outside unless you tell us otherwise). We can add an attached hood or snap on hood. We can add snaps on one or both sides of the slipcover. Hoods may be flat/adjustable, hoodie-style, pixie-style, or with animal ears. We can also add pockets and toy loops.

We have no slipcovers in stock, but we make plenty of them as custom items! Click here. (The cost varies with what you want, but ranges from $40-150 on average.)


Tula Topper

Babies have sharp teeth and tons of drool and there's nothing they like better than to use those sharp teeth on your expensive baby carrier, and drool all over it while they're at it. Protect your investment in your carrier with this adorable topper.

I wanted to make a Tula Topper that was fully reversible, snapped on, protected the straps, and gave easy access to the hood snaps. I started with my Slipcover pattern, cut here, added there, and... I LOVE the way this turned out.

It turns completely inside-out, so you really get two Toppers in one. It snaps into place, so you can attach it with complete ease. It has buttonholes on the inside to facilitate access to the hood snaps. It goes partway up the straps, giving them some protection, as well. (Pair the Topper with our Suck Pads for even more protection.)

Our Tula Toppers are made with two cotton prints and a layer of absorbent cotton or hemp, but I can also add a layer of waterproof PUL upon request if you want a bit of extra protection. Want a Topper that matches your Tula? Chances are good we can do that. Want one with Superheroes for your little superhero? We can do that. Want one in Doctor Who, Star Wars, or any other nerdy thing? You KNOW we can do that.

These Toppers are made JUST for Tulas but we can make Topper for other SSCs, as well. Contact us with your requests!

Snaps are NOT for chewing. Please keep snaps away from baby's mouth.

I keep a few Toppers in stock, but the vast majority are custom made. (click here for our fabric inventory). For this item, you'll want to pick two fabrics. (If you choose just one fabric, we'll pick something coordinating for the other side.) Interested in a custom made Tula Topper? You can place your order by clicking here.

These Toppers are in stock and ready to ship:


In Stock Wallypop Tula Topper: CLEARANCE $9.99


SSC Carry Case

Wallypop Tula Accessories

This handy little accessory wraps around your SSC to keep it clean and to keep it tidy instead of all octopus-like spread out all over your car, diaper bag, living room, etc. Though the pictures show it with the waist belt OUTSIDE, you can also tuck the waist belt inside if you want to throw your SSC into your diaper bag or for storage.

It will fit on any SSC. It will also fit around Mei Tais. Also, because it's fully reversible, it's like getting two cases in one!

Look at how easy it is to use! Fold, fold, snap! And, it can be left partially snapped around your SSC's waistband while you're wearing it.

I have no in stock cases. Click here to start a custom order. Click here to see our fabric inventory - you'll want to pick two fabrics for your case.




Babywearing Pouch

Babywearing zip pouch in three sizes

What can't you fit in our SSC Pouch? It's so handy - stuff your essentials inside and throw your baby in the carrier, and you're ready to go!

This Babywearing Pouch features a belt loop that attaches it neatly to your SSC (or Meh Dai) belt or shoulder strap (some carriers). It's a handy place to store your keys, phone, wallet, or other essentials.

Our Babywearing Pouch comes in three convenient sizes:
- Compact: approx 6 inches wide and 5 inches tall
- Regular: approx 8 inches wide and 6 inches tall
- Large: approx 7 inches wide at 10 inches tall unsnapped, 7 inches wide and 5 inches tall when snapped. (The Large pouch may be worn either all the way open, or snapped up smaller.)

The Pouch will fit on any SSC or Meh Dai. It's made with a decorative cotton on the outside and canvas or twill on the back. The inside is soft flannel or linen.

You can see all of our available fabrics at wallypop.net/fabric You choose the decorative cotton; we'll choose coordinating fabrics for the back and inside. Just note your fabric preferences when you check out and if we have any questions, we'll be in touch!

Large Size


The below pouches are ready to ship.

Interested in a custom made Pouch?You can see all of our available fabrics at wallypop.net/fabric You choose the decorative cotton - we have prints to match many popular SSCs, as well as many other prints. We'll choose a coordinating canvas for the back. Just note your fabric preferences when you check out and if we have any questions, we'll be in touch! You can place your order by clicking here.



In Stock Wallypop Babywearing Pouch: $8 Compact and Regular, $10 Large

Please use common sense when using Wallypop slings and carriers. Keep a hand on your baby when bending, stooping, walking through a crowded area, etc. You can expect years of service from your Wallypop products, but take care to look over your slings and carriers before each use. Do not use your sling or carrier if the stitching has ripped or the straps are getting worn out. Limited wearing instructions are available here. Wallypop cannot be responsible for misuse, breeches of common sense, or any injuries that may result from the use of our slings.




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