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Babywearing Glossary


Sling and Carrier Features and Terms

Rings Rings:We use rings from slingrings.com, a WAHM-owned business specializing in high-quality and durable rings for slings.
French Seam French/Felled Seam: The seam we use on pouch slings is like a French seam that's been sewn down. The seam is sewn once with fabric right sides out, then it's turned inside out and sewn again. Then it's turned back right side out and the flap is sewn down. Three lines of stitching = safe and sturdy.
Triple Stitch Triple Stitched: All weight-bearing seams on our slings are triple-stitched. This means they are sewn with at least three separate stitching lines.
Rail Rail: The word "rail" simply refers to the edges of a ring sling or pouch or, sometimes, a wrap. I outlined the outer rail in red on the photo.
Tail Tail: The "end" of a ring sling. Wallypop tails are "open" meaning that each rail can be adjusted separately for the utmost in comfort and adaptability. The tail is circled with red.



Cotton Cotton: The cotton we use in our slings is sturdy and durable. Cotton is a natural fabric, so it is breathable but will wrinkle. Cotton is available in a wide variety of fun prints and solids.
Gauze Gauze: We use gauze to make lightweight wraps. Gauze is usually 100% cotton, but is sometimes blended with a synthetic fabric for stability. Gauze is very lightweight and breezy, perfect for summer. 
Linen Linen: Linen is a natural, breathable fabric. 100% linen is very wrinkly. Most of our linens are blended with rayon for fewer wrinkles. Linen is my favorite fabric for all styles of carrier.
Solarveil Solarveil: Solarveil is an all-synthetic fabric that is specially woven to provide 80-90% UV protection. It is very lightweight, yet strong and supportive. It dries quickly, making it an excellent choice for use in the water. Its light weight and minimal bulk makes it good for wraps, as well. Solarveil has gone out of business and this fabric is no longer available.
Fleece Fleece: Fleece is used in pouch slings to provide a warm, cozy, slightly stretchy ride for baby. Fleece is 100% polyester.
Knit Knit: Knits are made from either 100% cotton or a cotton/lycra blend or other blend. The knits we use in our pouch slings are usually thick, sturdy knits to ensure safety and comfort for you and your little one.
Silk Silk: Silk is an all-natural fabric made from the fibers of the silkworm. We use only 100% silks.
Twill Twill: Twill is what khaki pants are made from. This sturdy bottomweight fabric is, in our opinion, ideal for Asian style carriers. It's soft yet durable and strong enough to provide good support without being too stiff.
Denim Denim: Denim also makes a great Asian carrier or Podegi because of its soft sturdiness. Denim is also long-wearing.
Brocade Brocade: Brocade is a very decorative, silk/poly blend fabric traditionally associated with Asian designs. Brocade is gorgeous, but must be paired with a sturdier fabric for use in Asian or Podegi carriers. 
Wool Wool: On occasion, we make some of our carriers out of fine woolens. Wool is soft and breathable and all natural. The wools we use are all washable, and don't require special handling.
hemp Hemp: We use hemp/organic cotton twill for some slings. Hemp is sturdy and light on the planet, organic cotton is soft and luxurious.




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